The original and longest running disc dog competition series in the world. 

The AWI Qualifiers consist of:

  • Open Overall Division (Combined Freestyle and Toss and Catch)
  • AWI Open Toss and Catch Division
  • Small Dog Division

AWI qualifying events now include a
Freestyle Only Division which consists of 2 rounds of freestyle only.  This is non a qualifying event.

Optional Hosts Choice:
  • Recreational Freestyle  
  • Recreational Toss and Catch Divisions 

World Series

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The History

Ashley Whippet
The story of Alex Stein and his incredibly talented whippet named Ashley is told through numerous articles and video clips found across the world wide web. Alex freely admits he was not the first person to throw a disc to a dog, but on August 5, 1974 he catapulted the game of canine flying disc into the national spotlight at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California. His daredevil stunt leaping over the infield wall and playing disc with his dog (uninvited) during the seventh inning stretch caught the attention of Irv Lander, from Wham-O. Alex and Ashley were separated as he was removed from the field and arrested. Alex was well on his way to becoming the icon for a beloved dog sport now celebrating its 44th year.
Even though Alex is retired from the sport of canine disc he still carries on the legacy of Ashley Whippet® through the ​​​Ashley Whippet® Invitational
(AWI) series.​​​
Be sure to check out the famous ​​​​​​​​ Ashley Whippet Museum