The original and longest running disc dog competition series in the world. 

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Alex Stein

I started playing the game of flying disc with Ashley Whippet® when I was in college at Ohio State. Over 40 years later the disc dog sport has grown to include representation throughout the United States and all over the world. I was fortunate to start the disc dog sport with my good friends Irv Lander and Eldon McIntire. Continuing the tradition of the Ashley Whippet® Invitational with Tom Wehrli and his family is a very special thing.

Tom Wehrli  Email:

My wife Chris and I started in the sport around 1980. We have had many dogs that have played Frisbee, some great ones like Delta, Nuggets, Zazu, and Murray to name a few. Because of our passion, this sport has taken us places we would never have dreamed of before. These years have brought us many achievements like The Ashley Whippet® Hall of Fame and Lifetime Achievement Award. We now run the Ashley Whippet Invitational series along with Alex Stein. I am also the curator for the Ashley Whippet® Museum in Naperville, Illinois.  

Chris Wehrli   

I am primarily known as "Tom's wife" which is very true and I am proud to still hold that title for over 40 years!  I have competed with several dogs over the years but never had the moves and frisbee talent that Tom has!  My best frisbee dog, Zazu, passed away very suddenly in 2004 after a very short illness.  I have not competed since but have always been the numbers nerd with registration and scoring.

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John Casey

Hiro and Akane Murakami

Mike Miller

AWI China Director.  
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Björn Tigges
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Eric Hemmeter