The original and longest running disc dog competition series in the world. 

The AWI Last Chance Qualifier will be held on Saturday, Sept 5th, 2020
Pre-registration will close on Tuesday Sept. 1st

The AWI World Championship will be held on Sunday, Sept 6th, 2020

Spectators are welcome at the field each day (9:30 am start)
and there is no cost to watch the action. 


Last Chance Qualifier

World Championship:

(Mill St and Diehl Rd)
288 W Diehl Rd
Naperville, IL, 60563

Open Overall division will run 1 round of freestyle and 1 round of toss and catch, then the top 10 will run another round of freestyle.  The 3 scores for each team will be totaled and the winner will be determined.  Top 5 teams will qualify for the World Championships on Sunday.​​​

Open Toss and Catch will run 2 rounds and the scores for each team will be totaled and the winner will be determined (cash prize).  Top 5 teams will qualify for the World Championships on Sunday.

Pre-registration will close 
on Tuesday Sept. 1st

Paypal will be available in advance and credit card processing on site

Deadline for
World Championships registration is August ---.  
More details to follow on this process
All qualifiers will be receiving an email very soon with all the details

of the weekend.

For the World Championships, the same procedures will apply except the top 15 in each division will run an additional round to determine the winner.  Toss and Catch will run two rounds before cutting to top 15. There will be a Freestyle Champion crowned at the World Championship, based on the best 2 rounds of Freestyle for the day.  
  1. Managing Director
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Red Roof Inn:
1698 W. Diehl Rd, Naperville, is the official hotel for our event.  We have a block of rooms and based on how many rooms we fill, we will get credit to help pay for our judges rooms.  

Call 1-800-733-7663 or email directly at and use " Frisbee Dogs " for the block of reserved rooms. The property listing is RRI195 
on Diehl Rd. Naperville if they ask. They have 20 rooms saved and the cutoff date is Aug 15th .

Registration/check in for COMPETITORS will begin at
8:30 am each day.  

Friday, Sept 4th, there will be a welcome event for all competitors
at Tom and Chris Wehrli’s home from 4 – 8 pm. Please email them for specifics.
Snacks will be provided around 5 pm but please bring your own drinks.  The Ashley Whippet Museum will be open, and Alex Stein will be available for autographs and photo ops, if he feels like it :). Please check your email for information regarding the welcome event on Friday night (open to competitors) at the Wehrli home or for other details about the event weekend. Qualifiers should have received an email with this information from 

We welcome club banners and signage on site.  Individual Team sponsorship banners, tents and signage will not be allowed to be displayed during the weekend. This will be strictly enforced.  We have many sponsors for the weekend who have paid to display their information.  If anyone has a question regarding this please contact Tom Wehrli directly prior to the event.

Saturday night restaurant location:
Draft Picks
523 Fairway Dr 
Naperville(630) 904-1111
Rt. 59 and North Aurora Rd,  1 mile south of The Red Roof inn

Sunday Night restaurant location:
28244 Diehl Road
Warrenville, IL

Be sure to schedule a visit to the

Fees are due the day of the event (Last Chance Qualifier). Please make checks payable to Ashley Whippet. ​​​​

Music can be sent to our DJ with the humans name and dogs name per routine.

Pre-registration will close 
on Tuesday Sept. 1st

Questions?  Email us at

Making History

2019 World Champions
Overall World Champions       Toss and Catch World Champions   Small Dog World Champions
Kosuke Hirai and Greedy                        Scott Jones and Rebe                               Blanco Kim and Big Bang
Open Over All
Kosuke Hirai & Greedy
Kirby McIlveen & Sora
Toshimitsu Fukuda & JAZZ
Toss n Catch
​Scott Jones & Rebel
Chuck Middleton & Chica
Jeff Hill & Key
Small Dog
Blanco Kim & Big Bang
Chris Padilla & Ultra Dynamite
Gordon Cheung & Rain
2019 European Champions
1. Julia Zimmermann & Minai 
2. Jacob Gadasi & Puzzle 
3. Tzahi Melamed & Jade

AWI 2018 Overall Champion
Andrea Rigler and Leap
2nd place Istvan Fodor and Bree
3rd place Yachi Hirai and Woof

2018 AWI Toss and Catch Champion
Jeff Hill and Muse
2nd place Chuck Middleton and Chica
3rd place Toshimitsu Fukuda and Jazz