Event Hosts

The form below is only for current event hosts to share details of existing qualifying events. To learn more about hosting a qualifier, please contact Tom Wehrli directly.

Please submit the information from the form to us as early as possible. All event information will be posted on the website (events page) and our social media channels. We respectfully request that you use our official forms, event pages and scoring spreadsheets to maintain continuity across events. Thank you in advance for your assistance in maintaining the integrity of the Ashley Whippet® Invitational event series.

Approved US AWI Qualifier Event Details:

Host Contact Name *
Host Contact Name
Please enter the name of the event coordinator
Secondary Contact?
Secondary Contact?
If more than one person should be getting our emails, please list them here
Event Date *
Event Date
Please enter the date of the actual qualifier
Event START Time *
Event START Time
Please enter the approximate start time for the event
Event END Time
Event END Time
Please enter the approximate end time for the event
Address for Event Location *
Address for Event Location
Maps will be linked to this address for your event
If you have a Facebook page for your club, please share the link here
Please share any other details that are relevant to spectators or competitors interested in the event.

AWI Pre-registration Assistance:

Please enter how your club name should appear in the "Hosted by" sentence of the form
Please select your event
Contact *
Person we will send completed score sheets to and give access to spreadsheet with all submissions. Also listed on the form as the point of contact (along with email).
Open pre-registration date *
Open pre-registration date
Close pre-registration date *
Close pre-registration date
Please consider how much time you need to process files and allow us time to run score sheets on our end. We will contact you if the timeline is too short of a turn around for us.
Divisions Available *
Please check off all divisions you will run
If you are running anything other than our qualifying and recreational divisions (e.g., "novice" or "junior"), please indicate the name of the division and the fee.
Anything else you want placed in the instructions?

We will automatically include the details from your event submission (event date, start/end time, location/address). Please let us know immediately if something has changed.

Pre-registration assistance from AWI:

  • creates a form to collect registration

  • gathers registration information to a web-based spreadsheet

  • generates score sheets for all pre-registered

  • gives you a pre-filled scoring spreadsheet with those pre-registered

You take care of running the event, we'll do the paperwork.

Please review everything we send you to ensure accuracy. Create a free Google Account to easily access all information in a folder shared just with you. Please note that you will be responsible for adjusting information to reflect actual entries at your event. This may include deleting and/or adding lines in a spreadsheet. AWI requires records for entries to document fees and qualifiers. AWI collects fees for qualifying and recreational divisions. All other divisions are at your discretion. 

Official Event Documents

Download our official documents here, including the most recent PDF of the rules and blank copies of the scoring spreadsheet/score sheets

Submit Qualifiers, Fees and Scores

Event hosts are required to submit qualifiers, registration totals for fees and scores below.

Please read each section carefully.

You will need to enter the FULL NAME (e.g., Alex Stein), DOG's NAME (e.g., Ashley Whippet) and EMAIL ADDRESS for EACH QUALIFIER.
Please check: WEBSITE LINK to ensure you are reporting qualifiers accurately.
We understand you may use your own spreadsheet during an event, but we require scores to be input in THIS document for consistency across records.
Fees should be reported in the appropriate section. Contact Chris Wehrli for any questions regarding fees. Payment to AWI is expected in a timely manner.
We appreciate your cooperation with these guidelines as it helps us provide accurate information to competitors and the general public via our website and social media channels.

If you have a Google Account, please sign in BEFORE completing this form. This will allow you to upload your spreadsheet directly. No Google Account? Consider getting one (they're free): https://accounts.google.com/signup

Please enter details for your fifth qualifier in all divisions (please label them so we know what division they qualified in at your event!) to the additional comment field that is on the final page of this form.

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Submissions for AWI Qualifiers:

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