Ashley Whippet® jumps for a disc released by Alex Stein

Ashley Whippet® jumps for a disc released by Alex Stein

Alex and Ashley

The story of Alex Stein and his incredibly talented whippet named Ashley is told through numerous articles and video clips found across the world wide web. Alex freely admits he was not the first person to throw a disc to a dog, but on August 5, 1974 he catapulted the game of canine flying disc into the national spotlight at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California. His daredevil stunt leaping over the infield wall and playing disc with his dog (uninvited) during the seventh inning stretch caught the attention of Irv Lander, from Wham-O. Alex and Ashley were separated as he was removed from the field and arrested. After a brief stint in jail and a nerve-wracking few days searching for Ashley, Alex was well on his way to becoming the icon for a beloved dog sport now celebrating its 43rd year.

Even though Alex is retired from the sport of canine disc he still carries on the legacy of Ashley Whippet® through the Ashley Whippet® Invitational (AWI) series. The AWI is the original and longest running disc dog competition series in the world. With events run in many countries across the world, it is truly an international series. Qualified teams from every event (US and international) are invited to a world championship (#AWIFinals) at the end of the season.

These days you are more likely to find Alex making his legendary sandwiches behind a deli counter than throwing a disc, but do not rule out a comeback!


World Champions from the past 12 years

AWI World Champions

1975  Ashley Whippet & Alex Stein
1976  Ashley Whippet & Alex Stein
1977  Ashley Whippet & Alex Stein
1978  Dink &  Jim Strickler
1979  Dink &  Jim Strickler
1980  Kona & Frank Allen
1981 Belmond & Bob Cox
1982 Bouncin’ Boo & Bill Murphy
1983 Bouncin’ Boo & Bill Murphy
1984 Whirlin Wizard & Peter Bloeme
1985 Bouncin’ Boo & Bill Murphy
1986 Kato & Chris Barbo
1987  Casey & Jeff Gabel
1988 Casey &  Jeff Gabel
1989 Gilbert & Jeff Perry
1990 Scooter & Lou McCammon
1991 Maggy & Ron Ellis
1992 Scooter & Lou McCammon
1993 Soarin Sam & Gary Suzuki
1994 Soarin Sam & Gary Suzuki
1995 Soarin Sam & Gary Suzuki
1996 Owen Boy & Pon Saradeth  
1997 Ariel Asah & Melissa Heeter
1998 Luke & Bob Evans
1999 Gabby & Ken Cooper
2001 9/11 never forget
2003 Nick & Bob Evans
2004 Nick & Bob Evans
2005 Foster & Steve Malmlov
2006 Rusty & Yoshihiro Ishida
2007 Rusty & Yoshihiro Ishida
2008 Harley Davidson & Lawrence Frederick
2009 Big Air Bella & Todd Murnan
2010 Harley Davidson & Lawrence Frederick
2011 Bling Bling & Chuck Middleton
2012 Bling Bling & Chuck Middleton
Bling Bling & Chuck Middleton
2014 Solar & Andrew Han
2015 Torch & Kirby McIlveen
2016 Ninja & Tracy Custer
2017 Torch & Kirby McIlveen

Toss and Catch Champions

2016 Athena & Jonathan Offi
2017 Riley & Mark Faragoi

AWI European Champions

2011 Ronja & Timo Kehlbeck
2012 Ronja & Christina Weiß
Cleo & Paco Lobo
2014 Rory & Adrian Stoica 
2015 Loki & Marc Etoll 
2016 Rory & Adrian Stoica 
2017 Bazinga & Christina Weiß 


“Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.”

— Roger Caras

 Left side: Tom's granddaughter, Zoey, re-creates this iconic photo of her mother, Ginny Wehrli  with Ashley Whippet® (right side)

Left side: Tom's granddaughter, Zoey, re-creates this iconic photo of her mother, Ginny Wehrli with Ashley Whippet® (right side)

The Ashley Whippet® Museum

The history of the disc dog sport is on display at The Ashley Whippet® Museum in Naperville, Illinois. Tom Wehrli and his wife Chris have created a dedicated space to house the museum in their own home. All are welcome to visit the museum by appointment. Whether you are a disc aficionado or simply love dogs, there is something for everyone to see. Check out the museum website or contact Tom to learn more. A sampling of what you will find: