2017 Season Announcement

NEW for the 2017 season:


Up to 4 dogs can qualify but only 2 can compete in each division. Not 3 in one and 1 in the other, but only 2 in each division.

During the 2017 season you can qualify 4 of your dogs, but with that we will allow only 2 in each division: Open Overall or Open Toss & Catch (Cash & Catch). Teams must qualify for EACH division to compete in each division at the World Championships. Once you have qualified up to 4 dogs (2 per division), that’s it.

If you go to another event you may not take any more qualifying spots, but you ARE entitled to whatever placement trophies you may win.

You may enter as many dogs as you like at a qualifying event. A maximum of 2 dogs per handler can qualify for the AWI World Championship at one event in each division (Open Overall and Open Toss & Catch/Cash & Catch), for a total of 4 spots. Of those 4 spots a handler may only take the dogs with the highest score. You may not pick which dogs take the spots at one event and scores from other events will not be considered to change the spots you have already taken at a previous event.

If a competitor places in the top five with more than two dogs at a qualifying event in either division, the top two placing dogs will be the ones to qualify. You may NOT choose the dogs that take the spots. From each qualifying event (see event page), there will be 4 NEW qualifying teams in each division (Open Overall and Open Toss & Catch/Cash & Catch), 5 internationally. If a dog/handler team that is qualified already goes to another qualifying event, they cannot take away qualifying spots from other teams. They CAN receive the trophies presented at each event if they place in the top three at that event. They CANNOT receive another qualifying medal. We need to recognize the NEW qualifying teams at each event. They will be considered AWI World Qualifiers and keep the qualifying medal whether they attend the World Championship event or not.

At the World Championship you can play with a maximum of 2 dogs in Open Overall and 2 dogs in Open Toss & Catch. To compete in the World Championship event in BOTH Open Overall and Open Toss & Catch, the dog/handler team must have qualified at an earlier event in BOTH divisions. They must compete in the division they have qualified for during the current season.

Open Toss & Catch is run as a Cash & Catch event at the qualifier events. The new split for the fees collected was set to help hosting clubs offset the costs of running an event. Out of the $20 entry fee for each dog/handler team in Cash & Catch: $8 goes to AWI, $7 goes to the winner (into the jackpot) and $5 goes to the club/host.