2018 Season Announcements

New Options and Updates for 2018


Event Freestyle Division

AWI qualifying events now include “Event Freestyle" Division which consists of 2 rounds of freestyle only.  There will be no cut or run-off, just two rounds.  This is not a qualifying event.  Medals will be awarded to the top three competitors in this division.  

You can find more details listed under "General Rules" and also detailed under “Scoring Structure."

Event Freestyle Champion Trophy

AWI qualifying events now include an Event Freestyle Champion Trophy. This trophy will be awarded to the team with the best 2 rounds of freestyle from any division that runs 2 rounds of freestyle. The winner of this trophy can be from any division as long as there have been 2 rounds of freestyle scored for the day for that team.  When determining the Event Freestyle Champion, Toss and Catch scores need to be pulled out of the Open Overall final scores.

Disc Not Allowed

AWI has chosen not to allow the use of the Hyperflight Z-Disc at any of our events.  The reviews for this disc from disc dog teams are not positive enough.

Rules Updated

Please note that the 2018 guidelines and rules contain changes. Event hosts and competitors should familiarize themselves with this information. Please contact Tom with any questions regarding the changes.

Registration Reminders

Pre-registration may be offered at the discretion of the host.  

AWI events will ALWAYS accept walk-up registrations on the day of the event.   Pre-registration, if available, is expected and preferred, of veteran teams.  If an event host applies any ON-SITE late registration fees, please make it clear to everyone that these fees are not being assessed by AWI but by the event host.  


Event Host Files and Qualifiers

All Official AWI documents can be accessed and downloaded directly from our site. If you have a Google Account you can open the spreadsheets directly in Google Sheets then download an offline version (Excel) prior to your event. All documents can be downloaded (Excel and PDF formats) from this Event Hosts page.

Check the current list of 2018 Qualifiers prior to your event. Following your event please return to the same Event Hosts page to enter Qualifiers for each division. Please follow instructions for formatting (First Last and Dog, email - each on their own line). Email addresses are required for all.

Coming in 2019 - Updated Web Tools


Details needed include event contact person (name, email), location of event (street address, city, state, zip), date of event, start/end time and any other pertinent details you wish to have listed. Our Facebook page has the Official Events listed now and you may be added as a "co-host" to edit your event directly. Please tag the page (fb.com/AshleyWhippetInvitational or @AshleyWhippetInvitational on Facebook, @awiseries on Twitter and Instagram) to help the media and spectators track down relevant information on our qualifying events. Our hashtags continue to be #awiseries and #awifinals. We will happily follow you back on all social media channels - please reach out if we have not already done so. We appreciate your cooperation with this more streamlined online presence across the website and social media.

Don't forget that you can access and share photos in our Google Photo Albums. We cannot wait to see images from your events!

Coming for 2019: more web-based integration through the G Suite (Google Apps) tools. Please set up a free Google Account (really, it's free) to get a head start for next year.

What are the benefits of these changes for 2019? Access all of your event files from a Google Drive folder set up specifically for your event. Seamless pre-registration assistance for AWI web-based registration, scoring spreadsheet set up and score sheets with competitor information merged directly onto them. Share your event details via a form on our website and check back for your scoring spreadsheet and pre-filled score sheets in your Drive folder. AWI will facilitate pre-registration and you will be responsible for printing score sheets, calculating final fee summary and adjusting on-site registrations (additions and removals) as needed.